Why do people fall prey to pyramid schemes?

YouTube’s recommendation engine suggested that I watch a video called “The Cult of Dan Lok”. Mind you, I never even heard of Dan Lok but my intuition lead me to believe that he runs some sort of pyramid scheme. Surprise surprise: he does.

Anyways, in the video below, a student of Dan Lok describes how he dumped $26,000 into an “exclusive” program and how in that program, at every step of the way, Dan Lok (or people working directly for him) upselled a new program, a new promise from rags to riches.

I seriously don’t understand why and how people fall for this sort of crap. Don’t people understand that there’s no quick and easy fix for life? And anybody who is selling you that promise is probably full of shit?

I get livid and upset that people — like Dan Lok — can take advantage of people all over the world. Granted, I understand that these victims are consenting adults but come on.

Anyways, when some time frees up (from graduate school and work and raising a child … so never), I’d love to dig more into this subject and maybe even read a book titled: “False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes”