Admitted into Georgia Tech Master’s in Computer Science

On Tuesday, I received an e-mail notification from Georgia Tech, informing me that after 5:00 PM EST, I would be able to check the status of my OMSCS (Online Masters of Science in Computer Science) application, whether I was accepted or rejected. So during dinner, with Jess sitting next to me in the cozy booth of the ramen restaurant, I pulled up the PDF attachment that I received from Georgia Tech on my iPhone, the words “Congratulations Matt” inked across my screen. Accepted!!!

I’m ecstatic. Because for the past 5 years, the idea of tackling a master’s in computer science has been lurking in the back of my mind. Like Jess had said, “It’s a scratch you need to itch.”  And it’s fair to say that I was never 100% committed to the idea. I think some of the hesitation stemmed from my own fear and insecurities, since I didn’t study CS during my undergraduate degree.  But after taking undergraduate computer science courses (e.g. computer organization, data structures, discrete mathematics, linear algebra), I’m convinced that learning more about my craft is something I want to dedicate myself to.

Anyways, I’ve already started reading through the different course descriptions and decided to to take Introduction to Operating systems as my first course, assuming that I can enroll in January (i.e. Spring 2019) without being waitlisted. Oh well, only time will tell.